10 Amazing Technologies 2017

Technology is changing day to day. These 10 Technologies will impact our life and economy and bring some changes.

Every Technology have pros and Cons. Let see the 10 Amazing Technologies.

1.Face Payment

With this technology we can make payment with face recognition technique, by this we can reduce frauds and save money.










2.Self Driving Trucks

This self driving technology don’t need Driver for trucks. With this technology we can avoid so many Accidents every year and can save life’s.


3. 360 Degree – Selfie Camera

The 360 Selfie Degree – Camera is very expensive but you can experience the best quality of photography.

4. Reverse Paralysis

Researchers are gaining noteworthy ground at utilizing cerebrum inserts to reestablish the opportunity of development that spinal string wounds take away.

5. Quantum Computing

Computers at Google , Intel and some research groups are previously unimaginable powerful  are finally Reach.

6. Hot Solar Cells

This Hot Solar Cells will convert Heat to focused Light Beam , the new devices will generate cheap power continuous.

7. Gene Therapy 2.0

By this Technology Doctors can solve cancer and Heart Problems.

8. Cell Atlas

Biology next Project really find what we are Made off.

9. Reinforcement Learning

By Experimenting , Computers are figuring out How to do things without no programmer Teaching them.


10. Botnets of Things

The Relent Less Push to Add connectivity  to home gadgets is getting worse.

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