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As said and done commonly, Ram Gopal Varma is presently investigating the down to business capability of YouTube as his movies require not be finished Censoring to feature them here.

“Weapons And Thighs” is a forthcoming web arrangement that arrangements with the adventure of Mumbai mafia. Coordinated by Ram Gopal Varma, the trailer of this arrangement is out today and it has two most outstanding components. One is the swearwords, as the lead characters specifically utilize all the smudged dialect on earth to address their rivals, police and others.

Second most staggering element of the trailer is a young lady in a bed with a criminal bragged add up to front nakedness while another courageous woman is likewise observed halfway naked. Some prominent on-screen characters like Asha Saini and others are included in the arrangement it appears.

While utilizing of interjections (boothulu) don’t welcome any edit from YouTube there are sure constraints with regards to frontal nakedness. We need to perceive to what extent this trailer will be online before YouTube brings it down.

Would you like to about the trailer’s different qualities? It’s only a remix of Ramu’s all different works till date and offers just the same old thing new. Just saying, it’s a repeat of his superhit film “Satya” bound with nakedness and cuss words.

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