In Nellore Mega Food Park is Coming Soon

Like the water sustenance stop being set up at Tundurru in Bhimavaram, the administration has an arrangement for Nellore where a super nourishment stop at Kothapatnam. The state government has distributed 52 sections of land of land to the Hyderabad based Nekkanti Mega Food Park Private Limited which would prepare water and agro-based items at the recreation center. The plant is near the Bay of Bengal.

The recreation center has been cleared under the plan advanced by the Andhra Pradesh Food Processing Society, which welcomed speculations for sustenance handling foundation in the state for setting up uber nourishment parks, incorporated super sustenance parks, icy chains, nourishment preparing and gathering focuses with the money related help of the state government.

The state government had recognized Nellore and Prakasam areas as potential for water based units for advancing related stops in these regions, No-complaint is given from the neighborhood panchayat to taking up the plant and they finished historic function too.

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