Ravi Babu Says Please Kill My Father

Executive turned-performing artist Ravi Babu is the child of the most incident name, Chalapathi Rao. Talking about the as of late happened episode, Ravi Babu said that his dad transformed into a psycho and expressed awful words about ladies and shouldn’t be saved for this. Director-turned-actor Ravi Babu is the son of the most happening name, Chalapathi Rao. Speaking about the recently happened incident, Ravi Babu said that his father turned into a psycho and uttered bad words about women and shouldn’t be spared for this.

Talking about how his father came up to this stage, Ravi said, “After my mother died, my father did not get married again and instead focused on raising us. Even though there were other star actors who made objectionable comments on women nothing of this sort happened. But my father being a senior actor even after apologizing is not spared. It is so sad to see people talk about my father who are married twice and thrice even when their wives are hail and healthy.”

He added that instead of hurting him virtually in this age after an apology, it’s better to stab him physically and kill him for once. Well, these comments are now

Discussing how his dad came up to this stage, Ravi stated, “After my mom kicked the bucket, my dad did not get hitched again and rather centered around raising us. Despite the fact that there were other star performing artists who made shocking remarks on ladies nothing of this sort happened. Be that as it may, my dad being a senior on-screen character even in the wake of apologizing is not saved. It is so miserable to see individuals discuss my dad who are hitched twice and thrice notwithstanding when their spouses are hail and solid.”

He included that as opposed to harming him for all intents and purposes in this age after a statement of regret, it’s ideal to cut him physically and execute him for once. All things considered, these remarks are currently.

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