What is the Telugu all time best movie you have ever seen?

Inarguably, it is Sukumar-Mahesh’s combination 1: Nenokkadine. There are so many good movies in telugu but what makes it special is the way it has been executed. There are certain things which made the movie so special:
This kind of genre is completely new for telugu people and first time attempted by any major actor of TFI.
This movie has got logical explanations for each and every scene that is in the movie. The director has taken utmost care in making the movie flawless. This is the first time in TFI someone gave valid explanations.
Devi Sri Prasad (DSP) gave a very good background score which is the biggest asset of the movie.
Direction of Photography was too good and we don’t get to see this kind of cinematography in regular movies. Each scene is like a wallpaper. Ratnavelu has done an awesome job.
Mahesh’s introduction, so far the best! He is introduced awakening from a nightmare from his childhood where he’s on the run, dodging bullets from goons.
Pre-interval scene is an example of how good Mahesh’s acting is in the movie. This scene will thrill you and at the same time makes you laugh. Again, the brilliance of Sukumar and very well executed by Mahesh Babu.
When I discovered that the titles are connected to the story, that thing gave me goosebumps. Everything is connected in the movie. Sukumar is known for thinking out of the box and this again shows his sheer brilliance.
The way it is executed. If you observe the recent movies in TFI, it has become a routine thing of involving Brahmanandam and making some useless comedy based on his bald head or he flirting with the lead actress. Some cases are even worse, they bring him in case where he is not needed at all. This movie on the other hand doesn’t have any unnecessary comedy. The director has showed that entertainment could be obtained not only from comedy scenes. When you’re thrilled, that is one kind of entertainment.

Final Word:
This movie is for those who are frustrated with the regular movies and expecting something new from TFI. ‘One’ is technically and “logically” the best movie!
There are certain things which drag but it picks the pace immediately and won’t effect much and in the new version, even those scenes are trimmed. So, it won’t be a problem.

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