How to check Website Speed online for free

How to check Website Speed

How to check your website Speed ? – There are so many free effective online tools, where you can check the loading speed of Your Website. Based on the Results you can make improvements to Your website.

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Fast loading speed means your website rank high on search results. This way you get more organic traffic to your website without any advertisement. So first try to improve Your Website loading speed.

You can increase your Website Loading speed by optimizing your website and images. Design mobile friendly website because most people using Smart phones.

There are so many tools to Check your website loading speed online for free. But I am explaining about 2 effective website speed test tools.

How to check Website Speed

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom is great effective online tool for website speed test and it’s free. They provide all details about your website and mention things to fix on your website.

How to Check Website Speed

How fast does your website load? Find out with GTmetrix

See how your site performs, reveal why it’s slow and discover optimization opportunities.

GTmetrix Website Speed Test tool

GTmetrix is also one of the best tool to check Website loading speed. It provides full details about your website performance.

Why Website speed is more important for website?

Every one on the internet don’t like to visit the website that take more time to load. If your website have fast loading speed you get more traffic to your website.

More chance’s to rank top on search results on google. So try to improve Website loading speed by using right technique’s.

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How to Optimize Your website to Improve website loading speed?

If Your Website is on WordPress you can use Plugins to optimize your website. And check your website loading speed, make changes if required.

Reduce the Image size by using plugins and delete unwanted Images on the Database.

Always use only Responsive Themes for your website. Make your website mobile friendly to load fast on all devices.

Use quality plugins for your website and delete the plugins that no longer needed. So that you can improve your website loading speed.

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