How to Create Website step by step guide


Things to keep in mind while creating a website:-

  • What type of website
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Money
  • Time
  • Content
  • Traffic for website

Step by Step process of creating Website

  1. Website Ideas:- First step is to think about what type of website you are going to create and how you get traffic for your website. You have to get unique ideas for creating website. If you create a best website you get more traffic. So before starting the process check market trends and select the topic that you are more interested.
  2. Website Name:- Name for is more important while creating website. You have to keep different things in mind while choosing website, better name you get more traffic for website. If website name is easy so people remember your website name. Branding is important for any business so think a unique website name.

3.Buy Domain:- After choosing the website name you have to buy the domain name from domain name register. There are different online website were you can buy a domain.

4. Hosting:- After buying the domain from the domain provider you have to buy hosting service for your website. Some Domain name providers also provide hosting services for website like GoDaddy.

5. Creating Website:- Now you have Domain name and hosting service so you can start building your website. For this you need some programming skills, or you can buy Themes from Some free themes are also available online

6. Publishing :- After creating beautiful website you can publish online to make available to every one. Submit your website to search engine console which makes easy to find in web.

Things to keep in mind after creating your website.

7. Writing Content for Website:- Website is done now you have to start writing articles, which get you visitors for website. while writing articles to your website are always write quality content and never copy paste. If there is no quality in your content you won’t get more visitors for your website.

8. Promoting Website:- There are different ways to promote your website through social media networks and sharing links with friends.

9. Install SSL certificate:- SSL certificate provides secure connection between web server and browser. It also boost your search results ranking.

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