How to earn money from Website easily

Money from website

Different ways to Earn money online

How to earn money from website

To earn money from website you need some skills. Now a days it’s very hard to get job after completing study, and some people want extra income. If you use your skills you can start earning money easily. First you have to create a website and start writing interesting articles to get traffic to your website. High traffic for website means more money.

Always keep one thing in mind write only quality articles which will get visitors to your website.

Google AdSense account to earn money

1.Google AdSense:- After creating website and started writing article’s you have to monetize your website with AdSense account to place Ads on your website. For this you need to have an approved Google AdSense account. After having approved AdSense account you can start earn money from your website.

2.Affiliate Marketing:- You can earn money from Affiliate marketing buy promoting and selling products from online stores like Amazon and Flipkart. For this you have to create affiliate account and place links for the products in your website. When visitors buy products from your links you get small commissions. Affiliate marketing is one of the best method to earn money from website.

E-Commerce business to earn money from online

3. Online Store:- You can start earning money from your website by selling your own products. For this you need to create an online e-commerce website where you can start selling your products. Always sell innovative products to attract more customers.

4.Accept Donations:- You can also request your visitors to offer donations to your website. So you can manage and maintain your website.

5. Sell Ad Space:- If your website is more popular and you have more visitors you can simply start selling Ad Space in your website which will get you some more income for you.

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