Unknown Facts about Nara Chandrababu Naidu

He was the state’s most youthful MLA and bureau minitser at age of 28.

He is the longest serving boss priest and restriction pioneer for joined Andhra Pradesh.

He intiated and created IT center in AP by advancement of Hyderabad data innovation building consultancy city (HITEC city).

He was just government official from India confeered with Chicago state college doctorate.

He was voted in favor of IT Indian of mellinuem survey by India today in 1999.

He was proclaimed as south asian of the year by Time Asia magazin.

He was reported as representative of the year by The Economics Times.

He had participation in universes financial gathering dream bureau.

He made Bill Clinton(former leader of US) to visit Hyderabad which made the IT business to become speedier.

He was first to make world bank to loan to a state rather than nation.

He was the organizer of Heritage industry.

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